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About O’Malley’s Inn

Before – and After

  • Before - 2015 (Trollhaugen Lodge)

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Previously known as Trollhaugen Lodge, this quaint and picturesque Inn in northern Door County is known for it’s iconic statues, inn-like B&B atmosphere, comfortable accommodations and the authentic yet thoroughly modern 1800’s log cabin that sits nestled behind it – a unique stay experience for couples or families!

Purchased by its current owners in 2015, O’Malley’s Inn of Door County has undertaken a massive renovation and remodeling effort recently completed in 2018 for a unique and cozy Door County vacation experience! (View the slideshow above to see the transformation!)

Located at the trailhead for the Door County Land Trust Preserve at Anderson Pond and just minutes away from dining and shopping in historic downtown Ephraim, Wisconsin, O’Malley’s Inn is a perfect place to stay during your next trip to Door County.

Transformation of the Trolls

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The Trollhaugen Trolls have stood watch outside the lodge for many years, and with the transformation of the lodge into an Inn it was time for the wiley O’Malley Leprechauns to take their place in 2018. (View the slide show above to see the transformation!)

A leprechaun is a mythological being of the Aos Si in Irish folklore. Usually depicted as little bearded men wearing a square-cut waistcoat and jacket, Irish cap, knee socks and buckle shoes, leprechauns are solitary creatures who spend their time making mischief against humans, making and mending shoes, and are thought to have a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If captured they may grant you three wishes in exchange for their freedom but be careful – leprechauns are accomplished tricksters and your wish may not turn out as you intend!